We can help you to get your passwords back!

Get your CoDeSys V3.x owner password back

Since Version 3 of CoDeSys the old ways to crack the passwords are not possible anymore. To get the project or library passwords for CoDeSys V3.x are way more complex.

We developed a way to crack the passwords for the following CoDeSys Versions:

  • CoDeSys V3.5
  • CoDeSys V3.4
  • CoDeSys V3.3
  • CoDeSys V3.2
  • CoDeSys V3.1

We offer you a no risk service to recover your project and library passwords.

How to order a CoDeSys V3.x password decrypting

  • Send us an Email with your CoDeSys project or library and let us know what user password you need
  • We start our decrypting work and we will let you know if we are able to crack the password. Be aware that this can take up to 5 days.
  • If we successfully crack the password we will send you an email with the payment options.
  • If the cracking job wasn’t successfull then we let you know that and do not charge you.
  • After the payment we send you the CoDeSys username – password combination you asked for.

Successfully crack of one CoDeSys V3.x user password

Successfully crack of 2 and more CoDeSys V3.x user passwords (price per password)

59,- Euro

39,- Euro